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I am Vivianne Kacal and this is my website, through which I offer tarot readings that give practical guidance with life's challenges ...

Kismet, or fate, is the belief that one's path in life has been predestined. I believe that our journey's end is pre-destined, but the choices we make at all the forks in our personal paths are not - and that's where tarot can help, in helping us to take the right options: it's my job as a reader to interpret the cards in a useful, helpful way in order to smooth your path through life.


XVII The Star
from the Starlight Arcana, artist Beth Seilonen

It's rare to find an ethical modern tarot reader who uses the tarot for prediction; like myself, nearly all readers prefer to use the tarot to empower their clients, by providing guidance in life's more challenging situations - knowing the likely outcome if nothing is changed, and learning what changes you can make (and how you can make those changes) to optimize the outcome for yourself, is clearly incredibly useful.

I have no idea which, if any, of the theories of why/how tarot works are correct - but I don't care; all that matters is that it works.


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