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About Me
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I'm on the shady side of 40, married for the second time with 2 great children, and 3 cats. I spent over 20 years as a manager in the restaurant and licensed retail trade, but have recently streamlined my lifestyle to increase time with my family and reduce stress. Resuming my professional tarot reading allows me to get to know lots of people, find out all about their lives - always more interesting than my own - and maintain a far healthier family/work balance with no stress.


from the Victorian Romantic tarot deck


 Both of these areas are incredibly rewarding for me, both personally (I have made many 'virtual' friends that evolved into 'real-life' friends) and professionally, by continually expanding my tarot knowledge and experience. Sadly, I enjoy committee work and was elected Chair for 2004/5. My involvement continues through mentoring, teaching and reading for TABI's free online reading service.






Currently located in Suffolk, East Anglia, I've been reading Tarot professionally (part-time) for about 17 years. I love to organize and nag, so I became a founding Member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and was deeply involved in establishing much of its fundamental structure. I ran several of TABI's free online beginners' Tarot courses, and am proud to have mentored numerous readers through the Endorsement process.


from Fiori Divinatori, artist Oswaldo Menegazzo

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