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1) Can the tarot tell you if you're going to die ?

Yes, it can. When the cards associated with death appear in a reading, it creates a moral dilemma for many readers - they want to be ethical and honest, yet not only is predicting frowned upon by many modern readers, but actually conveying such traumatic information sensitively can be incredibly challenging, on many levels.

2) Can the tarot predict the future ?

Yes, it can. However, as I mention above, many readers prefer not to use tarot for prediction, for several reasons : the denial of free will, removing a client's responsibility for their own lives from them, potential for creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, being responsible for someone else's life choices, the potential for being wrong.

3) Can the tarot tell me when something is going to happen ?

Tarot is not best at timing. There are a few methods, but I haven't yet found a reliable system.

4) Can the tarot tell me if my other half is cheating on me ?

Yes, it can. However, it would be quicker and more appropriate to employ a private detective. An ethical reader will not perform a 3rd party reading, i.e. a reading about someone that isn't you without their permission. It's considered snooping. Would you like someone pkoing around in your business without your knowledge or permission ?

5) Where did the tarot come from ?

I do not subscribe to the various theories that claim that the tarot came from Atlantis, the Egyptians or was dropped off by the mother-ship - simply because, to me, these theories are implausible, unbelievable and have no basis in any kind of factual evidence. There are people who specialize in poring over the dry, dusty bones of Tarot History, and they may be found here. An excellent summary of what is actually known can be found here.

6) Are you psychic ?

No, the most I would claim is intuition. I hear no voices and see no spirits. This makes my readings 'purer' i.e. the information is from the Universe through the tarot cards alone.

7) Are you qualified or certified ?

There are no regulatory bodies for tarot. There are groups who offer both 'qualifications' and 'certification'. These mean that those who hold these qualifications/certifications have passed a test (or many tests) on academic knowledge of the cards. It also usually means that they have spent quite a lot of money to take these tests. This doesn't mean that they have any skill in reading the cards, which can't really be taught. I am, however, Endorsed by TABI as a reader; I submit a minimum of 1 (anonymized) reading a month that I have done for their Free Reading service for peer review.

8) How do I know if you're any good ?

Please check my Testimonials page. In addition, I am happy to offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the reading. Please bear in mind, that you may receive information that is not what you wanted to hear; however, it will be what you need to hear. Please don't shoot the messenger.

from the Ansata Tarot

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