Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics
from the Victorian Flower Oracle

* I will always perform readings to the best of my ability
* I will be honest, responsible, empathic and compassionate about what I see in the reading
* I will always find a positive, empowering way to communicate the information in a reading
* I will always be open-minded and non-judgmental
* I will ensure that clients are aware that they have free will and are responsible for their own actions
* I will respect the client's right to confidentiality
* I will always treat all clients equally, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, gender, or age
* I will withdraw tactfully from any reading or dialogue that I feel unable to continue
* Payment will be discussed and agreed before the reading begins, and will be fair and within the client's means
* I will not perform readings for minors or 3rd parties
* I will not offer advice on topics in which I am not qualified, but will refer the client to a relevant professional expert e.g.medical, legal, financial
* I will not make decisions for clients

* I will not perform readings on any topic that is illegal, or that violates my personal ethics or those of TABI

Legalities - Privacy etc

50 Lacey Street * Ipswich * Suffolk * IP4 2PH  TEL: 07811 746882